Thursday, March 3, 2016

#FiveJoy Teepee (Spaceship) Review

My daughter loves making forts out of blankets or beach towels... even sheets. She will drag the chairs from my dining room into our living room in her attempt to make a blanket fort for her and Lola, our Pomeranian. The two are virtually inseparable and when they are, Renee makes sure she knows where Lola is!

After struggling with this product for close to an hour she was so excited!
The FiveJoy teepee comes packaged in a cardboard box and paper. It has it's own bag.

I was disappointed in the FiveJoy Teepee I was sent because it was not easy to set up as quoted. The holes in the top poles were not drilled large enough for the laces to fit through properly. If you shift the teepee around at it comes apart because the poles are in three sections which would be nice if they were tapered and fit snuggly; however, I was constantly fixing the teepee and one leg or another, putting it back together. I had to tie the teepee canvas around interwoven in the poles at the top to try and keep the canvas up as shown in the photo above. Once taken down, and I tried to put the teepee back together the next day the laces literally fell off and had come unstitched.

  • Nicely printed canvas
  • Bag for storage
  • Portable
  • Poles were unfinished
    • The holes were not drilled all the way through or enough for the product to be setup as pictured on Amazon.
  • The strings or laces came un-stitched from the canvas
Quality and Ease of Assembly
I expected this teepee to be easy to assemble and a high-quality product. I believe I was sent a defective product; however, I cannot confirm that.

See how the string laces through that one hole but not the others?
The pole in the forefront is not drilled all the way through.

Sadly the Strings or Laces literally fell off of the canvas after one use!

Customer Service or Lack Thereof
I tried working through the website I review products for to obtain a replacement product to no avail. I called a phone number I received from Amazon for FiveJoy and left a message on their Google VOIP without a reply. Amazon could not replace the product because there was a promo code involved.

I got my and my daughter's hopes up of being able to receive a replacement product through a series of emails with Stephanie the Customer Relationship Manager and finally Jennifer claiming to be the CEO of FiveJoy.

Bottom Line: Unfortunately, I cannot and will not recommend the FiveJoy Teepee based on my experience.

My Recommendation: I would opt for a less expensive product that is structurally sound. Based on the product I received there are some flaws with the design, quality control problems and/or at the very least lack of customer service. I am very disappointed.

Disclosure: I received this product in order to facilitate my honest and unbiased review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.


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