Thursday, September 29, 2016

SeptemberFest was a Blast at KTP!

A few weeks ago Renee and I attended Kittery Trading Post's 40th Annual SeptemberFest. It was a blast!

My daughter Renee is typically content with riding Grammy and Grampa's ponies.

A little girl enjoys a ride on "Jake" an Appaloosa Pony, led by a KTP employee.
And feeding the animals... She was not having that at KTP!

[Photo Courtesy of KTP]
[Photo Courtesy of KTP]
So much to do... So much to see. Two of her favorite things were Jeff Musial's Animal Show. We watched 3 out of 4! And yes, the act was the same every time; but, still entertaining!

Jeff displays an American Alligator and young Capuchin Monkey. 
[Photo Courtesy of KTP]
Jeff with "Sarge" 
[Photo Courtesy of KTP]
We both agreed our favorite animal was "Sarge" the Siberian Lynx, which I was amazed to learn "When full grown, they can take down prey 3 times their size!" To put in perspective Jeff said, "A male weighing 100 lbs can take down a 300 lbs Reindeer!"

Jeff holds a young red kangaroo. 
[Photo Courtesy of KTP]

The finale was a large Boa Constrictor. Giggles and gasps abound!
[Photo Courtesy of KTP]
Renee got her face painted, and tried numerous times to climb the rock wall.

Jason Tardy's juggling act was cool. The danger element (for me) was what made it exciting. I had no idea he was a Maine native!

I even fired a crossbow from Crossman in pink camouflage fitted with a scope.
I have to admit, it was pretty cool!

Of course some vendors had contests you could enter, too. We're still holding out for this baby!

Renee liked this Binelli so much she wanted her picture taken in front of it! Ha ha!
Fingers Crossed!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this post in any way. All opinions are my own. I am not affiliated with the Kittery Trading Post.

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