Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Halloween: This Year We're All Getting in the Spirit!

I've been busy teaching myself to crochet and sew.

  • I love the handmade, crocheted dishcloths
  • Plus they make nice gifts
  • I thought, wouldn't it be fun to make my daughter's Halloween costume! Sure. Why not?

Renee decided she wanted to be Minnie Mouse this year for Halloween. Not just any Minnie Mouse... the updated Pink Minnie Mouse from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse of course!

Michaels Craft Store had shirts on sale for $2! So I bought a dark pink scoop neck t-shirt.

Gildan Dark Pink Scoop Neck T-shirt

  • I found a thick sparkly white elastic band to sew the skirt and shirt together.
  • I bought 2 yards of pink fabric with white polka dots from Walmart.

Making a Youth Minnie Mouse Costume:

  1. All steps required pinning to hold the fabric in place while I stitched.
  2. I used the band to measure her waist with about an inch or so overlap.
  3. For the skirt, I made sure to use extra fabric and pinched the fabric at the top into like an accordion fold every so often and tacked the top edge to the band.
  4. I used white thread for minimal visibility of seams.
  5. I then turned the fabric inside out; so, the seam is on the inside and overlapped the fabric and went nearly to the bottom.
  6. Finally I folded the bottom edge in and pinned it. Then sewed the bottom seam in a zigzag pattern (again on the inside) so that the seams are minimally visible and for maximum durability.
  7. Accessories: Originally I was planning on buying the Mickey ears and adding a fabric bow of the same fabric from the skirt; but, Renee had other plans; being the diva she is! I'm actually surprised she wanted to wear the gloves, too.
  8. We bought Minnie Mouse Ears ($7.99) and Minnie Mouse White Children's Gloves ($6.99) at Party City to complete the look. 
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This Year We're All Dressing Up!

Renee wants me to make a matching skirt for her black Pomeranian, Lola!
This year Mike and I are dressing up too!
Mike and Renee picked out these Pajamas at Walmart!

Mike's going to be Woody from Toy Story.
[Photo Courtesy of]

Find this and similar Pajamas and costumes at Walmart.

Naturally, I thought it would be fun to do a couple's theme; so, I'm going to be Jesse!

Making An Adult Jesse Costume:

  1. We'll each need a hat.
  2. For my costume I've already bought a belt.
  3. I will need a yard of yellow fabric of some sort or felt.
  4. A white shirt; preferably a White Polo shirt or White Button Up Collared Shirt.
  5. I figure to be on the safe side I'll need 1.5-2 yards of cow print fabric for the chaps.
  6. I can either attach them to my belt like you would with real chaps or use the cow print fabric to make slide on leggings that I can wear over my jeans.
  7. Red ribbon or felt for added detail.
Pictures to follow later this month!

Diary of a Crafty Lady has a nice Tutorial of how she made her daughter's Jesse costume that I could use for inspiration. View her tutorial here.

Homemade Pays Off; Here's Why:

  • Seeing as the average plus size adult costume is $50+ I definitely expect to save making my own.
  • Plus, Mike's Union Suit can be worn after Halloween as well and was less than $20.
  • I can dismantle the Minnie Mouse Skirt if I wish and re-purpose the fabric in a quilt or other project.
  • We can still go back and embellish the shirt if we wish.
  • The same thing can be done with the cow print fabric... If I go with a material that's not felt, I just will need to take a seam ripper to the seams and pull out my stitches and voila!
  • All in all, not a bad deal!

I'd love to hear from you! What are your plans for Halloween? Do you dress up and hand out candy? What are your favorite Kiddos dressing up as?

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