Monday, August 8, 2016

Good News: Faith & Medicine Heal!

God is Good! 

It's been a long time coming... An update on Father John Tokaz.

Courtesy of a Closed Facebook Group: "Prayers & Positive Energy for Father John".

Good News! Update: The pathology report came from the surgeon, subject line: "Very Good"  -- Father spoke with the PCA and nurses this morning when he was getting the catheter removed.  FJ's medical staff received an email really early this morning from the surgeon, Dr. Trinh (Trin) the opening line of the email they shared with Father stated, 'everything so far is looking very good...' From the pathology report his surgeon and medical team are feeling confident the cancer that was inside Father John's prostate was contained and are the cancer as of now looks to have been fully removed.

FJ still needs to return to the the hospital in one month and they need to check his PSA levels. So that will be another hurdle we'll want to clear, but today as to where we stand and FJ's report he just received is very good news team!! Another BIG sigh of relief. Father's spirits are in a really good place today. Although he was experiencing pain, his body is very sore and has taken a toll the past two months.  From first his hernia surgery to now this big surgery.  His back and body is in pain, so he still needs to take it slow during this recovery process.

Let's all continue to cheer him on with positive energy and powerful prayers as we all collectively respect the recovery process. Once FJ has a date confirmed on his appointment to find out what his PSA levels are, I will send out an update with that particular date. It will be another big day for us to come together.  Wonderful work by all and GOD Bless the medical teams and how hard they work on all our loved ones.

Wishing all of you and your families, peace, prayers, & love.

-Nick Mirabello

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