Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Apply Here: Job Applicants Beware!


We've all heard the term "Buyer Beware."

But, what about Job Scams? After all, you can pretend to be anyone online, right?

Warning: Do NOT give out your personal information!
"Yes, I know," you say to yourself "I wouldn't be that stupid!"
The fact of the matter is hindsight is 20/20.

Reality is scammers are working smarter all to gain access to your personal information, your identity-- and your bank account.

When it comes to remote positions: telling the difference between a legitimate job offer and a scam is becoming increasingly difficult.

I want to bring this subject into the light for you a little more.

Unfortunately, more and more hackers and other people are posing as legitimate job recruiters, online.

Here's the Scenario:
  1. You apply for a job. 
  2. You get a confirmation email of your application.
  3. To your excitement you land an interview- the company wants to hear more about you! Great, right?
  4. The company is legit.
  5. You applied to a job posting that sounded great and appeared legitimate, too.
  6. The job sounds great!
  7. You're instructed to contact this person at Google Hangouts, Instant Messenger, Yahoo, or another messenger site.
  8. The interview goes great.
  9. ... And it turns out you might just be a perfect fit for the job!
  10. Full Time, Work From Home, Benefits... Wow!

Here's where it stopped for me.
I contacted the company directly to see if the person who claimed to be the recruiter worked for them and if it was a legitimate job offer.

I wanted to know they were who they said they were. As it turned out, they weren't.

Trust your intuition.
Report any fraudulent activities such as this to the appropriate parties.

In my case, I contacted the company to do my own investigative work. When they confirmed my suspicions, I forwarded all of the documentation I had so they could bolster their case and track down the culprits.

Photo Credit: LinkedIn

I was told to contact the authorities. Honestly, my local Police Department isn't going to be doing anything about it. It's this type of mentality that keeps people from reporting crimes in the first place; however, I monitor my credit score and financial information, etc.  

The thing is had I given out my social security number, bank account number or other personal information, the outcome could have been much worse. I could have fallen victim to another internet job scam, like many before and after me.

Even though I did not give out personal information. It's good practice to monitor your credit scores, irregardless. And you can do so for Free- every year!

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