Friday, May 20, 2016

Yikes: As if All These Itis' Weren't Enough!

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The weekend before Mother's Day I visited the Emergency Room after battling a bug for quite some time at home. Apparently I had Bronchitis, which can stick around for quite some time. As if that wasn't enough when they ran labs at the hospital after administering a liter of fluids intravenously to help with dehydration I found out I'm anemic! I don't know how that happened. I cook with cast iron quite often. Then I ended up with conjunctivitis to top it off! Geesh!

My daughter will not admit to being sick because she loathes taking medicine! We've tried chewables, natural remedies, pretty much you name it. When she's sick- forget it she will not take medicine! She came down with Pediatric Croup, so again we had to visit the ER this past weekend to nip it in the bud. This coming weekend is her dance recital and she would be so upset to have to miss it. They gave her some medicine to help and I have to say I'm not all for giving kids steroids; but, it's done wonders!

Of course I asked the Doctor if she could go to school and dance because she loves both now. I learned that with a lot of illnesses, as long as you're not running a fever, you're not contagious. Who knew?! Not this gal!

When I was feeling well enough to volunteer at Renee's school on Monday, they informed us that the student body might have been exposed to Whooping Cough AKA Pertussis!  ><  Please! For goodness sake folks vaccinate your children for those who cannot.

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The school's recommendations are:
  • Don't come to school if you have a cough.
  • Get a note from the doctor saying it's not Pertussis.
  • It is encouraged for anyone living with a child under 12 months, a pregnant woman or someone with a weakened immune system to consult their physician and receive a tdap booster.

Of course I consulted with my doctor and my child's pediatrician and we were both covered having had to take antibiotics and steroids; plus, being up to date on our vaccines.

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Before I get off my soapbox...

We're seeing a rise in illnesses like Whooping Cough and Polio- illnesses that can kill or affect our children and the elderly, even those who appear healthy, because some refuse to vaccinate for one reason or another. We really need to weigh our options when we consider our children's health and ask ourselves if it's worth putting them at risk of contracting such illnesses and diseases.

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