Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Protect Your Loved Ones with DrugConfirm Urine Test

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It's scary. The things kids will try all for a cheap thrill. Not to mention dangerous.

Addiction knows no limits, no age, no boundaries.


My twin sister and I knew Justin and his twin sister since before we were in second grade. He would come over for supper and go to the beach with us or go bowling. He became a part of our family.


It all started in his early teenage years partying and just hanging out with the wrong crowd as the story goes. Over the years the chase for a bigger, better high lead him down the path to harder drugs to bury the demons and emotional scars of his childhood that haunted his every waking hour.


My mom got a phone call Christmas morning. Our childhood friend had passed away on Christmas Eve from an accidental drug overdose. After numerous attempts to detox, AA meetings, and rehab stints. Being the woman she is, my mother would visit him in jail and in rehab to be supportive. He was out of jail, working on himself, staying clean and looking towards the future. He had finally started to get his life back on track when he slipped back into old habits. He left behind his twin sister, his children, numerous nieces and nephews along with other relatives and friends.

All too often teenagers are opening up their family's medicine cabinets and helping themselves- all for a quick buzz or high, with devastating results.

So what can you do to help protect your loved ones?


Drug Testing as a Deterrence

Drug testing your teens can hold them accountable and give you peace of mind. It's a starting point before things get worse. A means of intervention and prevention.

While drug testing may not necessarily be your first choice to drug test your children, if it can save their life and prevents abuse by means of deterrence than ask yourself: isn't it worth it?!

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