Monday, March 21, 2016

Surprise From FiveJoy!

Copied email from FiveJoy's Co-Founder

Thanks for Making it Right #FiveJoy!

FiveJoy sent us a package with Not One but Two teepees! One was a replacement teepee for the one that broke and for the Animal Kingdom Teepee as a surprise for my daughter who absolutely adores all animals "for the inconvenience."

Renee and her friend had a ball playing in the FiveJoy Spaceship Teepee!

I'm happy to report the second FiveJoy Spaceship Teepee we were sent was finished and much easier to setup. The holes in the top poles were drilled large enough for the laces to fit through properly, as they should 😊

  • Heavy-duty, nicely printed canvas
  • Bag for storage
  • Portable
Tips for Assembly:
  • An extra pair of hands is helpful when putting these teepees together!
    • The time to put a teepee together was an estimated 10 minutes with some help, much better than struggling by ourselves!
  • If the holes aren't drilled large enough for the laces or strings to fit through, you can use a drill, screwdriver or screw- whatever you have on hand to widen the hole.
  • Each teepee comes with instructions and a piece of sandpaper. You may need to sand the poles where they fit together, in order for the poles to fit into the PVC properly.
  • Once you've assembled the poles, put them through the top of the teepee where the opening is (taking care that they are threaded through the seams for the poles.
I believe the first product I was sent was defective. I can now confirm that.

FiveJoy sent my daughter their Animal Kingdom Teepee as a surprise and to make amends.
Customer Service
After receiving no traction about a replacement product through a series of emails with Stephanie the Customer Relationship Manager and finally Jennifer the CEO of FiveJoy. I left reviews and feedback based on my experience. Shortly thereafter I received the above email from Jennifer.

Bottom Line: I would recommend the FiveJoy Teepee based on my experience.

My Recommendation: Based on the products I received there are some flaws with the design, which I spoke with FiveJoy's CEO in detail. If you run into similar issues with other companies, I recommend being persistent and following up.

Disclosure: I received this product as a replacement for the one I previously reviewed. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

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