Tuesday, February 16, 2016

#Prayers & Healing Energy for Fr. John Tokaz Fighting Prostate Cancer

I am sending out a prayer request for Father John Tokaz. If you could please keep my friend in your thoughts and prayers, I would appreciate it very much. *Update* Father John's surgery originally scheduled for January and again postponed last month due to illness and infection is slated for today at Dana Farber.
Dr. Father John Tokaz
Dr. Father John Tokaz is a Capuchin Monk and served as the Priest at Saint Joseph's College of Maine for quite a number of years. I attended Saint Joseph's College of Maine at the start of my college career, where I met Farther John. He is a truly remarkable man who is difficult to put into words. 
When you think of the words "Priest, Minister, Monk, Cleric" you do not typically think of a man driving a black PT Cruiser blasting Godsmack or other Rock and Metal. 

The license plate from Fr. John's Black PT Cruiser "Really Insane Priest" coined by the Baseball team
This is part of what makes Father John one in a million. He would blast music over the intercom. Many recall him singing Voodoo by Godsmack when it first came out. He prayed over the baseball team whenever they had practice or a game. He would go out of his way to make conversation, to say "Hello!" or just make people smile.

Fr. John was someone who everyone could relate to and was drawn to, a truly likable but humble man: a man of God. He shared with us his own experiences and struggles. His homilies, for those of you who aren't of the Catholic faith it is basically a story were always something I came away with wanting more. There was nothing that made me feel better than attending Sunday's service to hear his words of wisdom. How he would intertwine biblical text and current news or on-campus events was something I have yet to witness any other clergy member master. He is currently battling Prostate Cancer and is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove his prostate on Thursday February 18th. 
My Candle and Rosary from Confirmation. Also pictured is a cross Fr. John gave while I was visiting my twin sister. I was struggling with mental illness.
Above is a photo of the candle and rosary from my Confirmation. During my Freshman year at SJC, I along with a half dozen or so others were confirmed into the Catholic faith. I left Saint Joseph's College to deal with what I now consider to be a long journey of finding myself. For many years I struggled with mental illness in the form of severe depression. I saw numerous doctors and went through various treatment regimens and prescribed medications.
The wooden cross was a gift Father John gave me while I was on a visit to see my twin sister, Desiree, while she was still at St. Joe's. We spoke and he told me he had something he wanted me to have. It was this cross made by an order of monks. He told me the message and meanings of the symbolism of which I cannot remember in its entirety. I do not consider myself to be materialistic. Aside from my family and pets, these are some of my most prized possessions.
Saint Joseph's College of Maine
My twin sister went on to complete her Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a Master's online. It took me much longer to complete my Bachelor's degree, but I finally graduated with my BSBA in Business Management in December 2014.
I am sending prayers and positive energy. Father John has been and continues to be an inspiration to many in and around the SJC Community and in Jamaica Plain, MA where he currently resides. May God's healing energy surround him and help him beat his battle with cancer!
Front View
Back View

A booster to help with his medical costs, closed recently.


  1. My sister attended SJC and is trying to teach out to Father John. Do you have updated contact information for him. And/or any update on his health? She world love for him to officiate at her wedding, if possible. Thank you!

  2. Hi, Kathlyn! Nick Mirabello created a closed Facebook page called "Prayers & Positive Energy For Father John". I'm happy to announce after a rocky road Father John's health has improved. I understand he came up to Maine for an Alumni Event I think in July. Great news! The contact information you're looking for would be listed on the FB group. He lives at a Friary in Jamaica Plain, MA. The address and phone number is under information on the Facebook page. Congratulations to your sister on her upcoming wedding! I hope you understand I wouldn't post it here.

  3. Just received this text today from a parishioner at Fr. John's former church, St. James parish in Trumansburg, NY.
    "Father John's sister passed away unexpectedly on Monday. He is so sad and has financial concerns. She will be cremated and buried at the family plot. If would like to help Fr John and want to send condolences
    /support. Please send to this address, Fr. John Tokaz, San Lorenzo Friary, 15 Montebello Rd, Jamaica Plains,MA 02130-2352 checks made out to 'San Lorenzo Friary'. Pls spread the word."

  4. Thank you for sharing! Very sad. I had heard his sister passed away but really didn't know anything more.


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