Monday, December 21, 2015

XL Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorizers

 What do you do to eliminate unwanted odors in shoes and gym bags?

Sure you can toss them in the washer and dryer, but is that always recommended or do the trick? I've washed my daughter's shoes and tossed them in the dryer only to have them come out slightly curled up, needing to be reshaped. Yikes! Think elf shoes!

XL Sagano Activated Charcoal Odor Removers help neutralize odors the natural way!


Eliminates moisture to help neutralize odors inside stinky shoes!
These extra large plugs help dehumidify shoes and other places to reduce and eliminate the growth of odor-causing fungi.

Contains MORE Activated Charcoal!
Uses: In shoes, gym bags, travel bags, backpacks, camping gear, and more!

Helps keep feet dry and fresh.
Because these shoe deodorizing plugs prevent moisture build-up and dehumidify your shoes, they will stay dry and free from odor-causing microbes. Your feet will stay fresh and dry throughout the day, as a result!

Made from bamboo and activated charcoal.
There are no added chemicals, nothing extra. These all natural shoe plugs can last up to 2 years! Now that's getting your money's worth :)

Disclaimer: I received XL Activated Charcoal Shoe Deodorizers in order to facilitate my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own.

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