Monday, September 19, 2016

Fire Safety and Smoke Simulation

This past weekend one of our local Fire Departments hosted an Open House along with neighboring towns.

Manchester Fire Department hosting an Open House.

It was a great resource. Families were able to see, touch and learn all about the equipment and vehicles. The firefighters were great hosts, too!

Climbing the Ladder Truck!

This is the vehicle that holds all of the equipment for car accidents and refilling oxygen tanks.


My personal favorite was one from Hallowell, Maine. A working antique, all original that they still demonstrate. It was hand drawn and was used in the early 1800's when the whole town would come out if there was a fire and form a bucket brigade.

An antique Fire Engine from the 1830's.

There was food, games, a bounce house for the kids, and everyone got to check out all of the fire trucks and vehicles from surrounding towns.

We took a tour of the Fire Department.

Check out all of their gear!
This is the town's first water pump.

The most important part of the event was the Smoke Simulation Trailer. I had no idea this was actually available. If it's available in your area, I would highly recommend participating in a Smoke Simulation. It is a camper trailer setup like an actual home would look inside; but, with extra seating.

The firemen and children who participated in the Smoke Simulation did great!

One individual from the fire department explained the whole process beforehand.
  1. The doors were shut. 
  2. We watched a 12-15 minute video featuring Timon and Pumbaa about Fire Safety.
  3. When the video was done, the room was filled with a thick fog to simulate smoke. In a matter of seconds we could not see the door (maybe) 4 feet in front of us!
  4. Two Firemen came into the room we were in with their full gear on, oxygen tanks and all! They knelt down and showed us the way out. One made sure everyone got through the door, while the other remained in the room until everyone was out. A third fireman was near the other exit door to ensure everyone made it out safely.
  5. We all had to get on our hands and knees and crawl out the door; situated in the middle of the camper trailer to simulate a real door, and finally out the other trailer door. 
Of course, my daughter's favorite part... was probably the Bounce House!

This is the song from Part of the Fire Safety Video we watched with Timon and Pumbaa.

Thank you to all the Firefighters!

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