Wednesday, January 20, 2016

#Review: SQL QuickStart Guide

This book is like Cliff Notes for classes I took in college on Relational Databases! To the professors who have tried cramming it down the throats of their students to no avail-- And to the students who struggle to wrap their minds around the concepts of:
  • Structured Query Language
  • Retrieving Data
  • How to manipulate data
    • Built-in Functions 
    • Arithmetic Calculations
    • Entering, Defining and/or modifying databases

I say Voila! This is the book you've been looking for!
It is a condensed version of what you need to know to get a good foundation of SQL to hit the ground running.

Checkout this Beginner's Guide to SQL

The side notes and illustrated examples are fairly thorough. There are links to resources where you can follow the book step-by-step. This is a great reference for those who need a refresher or are just learning about SQL and Relational Databases (or if you're a visual learner like I am).

My biggest challenge with the traditional textbooks used in my tech classes were they were overwhelmingly text-based and were lacking in examples to break up the monotony of hundreds of pages of text.

I reviewed this book in the paperback version. It is also available in an audible version and for Kindle.

Disclaimer: I received this book in order to facilitate my honest and unbiased review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions are my own.

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